Architecture Tools

One strand of the project is the identification/piloting of suitable tools for architecture modelling. Here at LJMU we use Visio for process mapping/modelling and along with downloaded Archimate templates this may do the job – but again it’s a bit of a chicken/egg thing as until we get a bit further down the TOGAF route we won’t know for sure.

I had a meeting with some Oracle people last month and it seems that they use a product from IDS Scheer which is based on Archimate/Visio so may be worth looking into – but there are a lot of other products/suppliers out there and what we don’t want to do is put feelers out and be inundated with enthusiastic salespeople.

We’ve also just invested in the Triaster process-mapping software – also based on Visio – and don’t know yet if there’s any mileage in incorporating this as well.

So all seems a bit wide-open at the moment – for LJMU, we would like something based around Visio so we can reuse existing expertise/documents, but also don’t want to get too far along in the architecture modelling without being sure what we should be using to model the architecture…


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