Update 29th February

First major activities have now taken place, so time to reflect/record.

Tuesday 27th was the Programme kick-off meeting in the HEFCE Centrepoint offices in London with representatives from three of the projects – ourselves plus King’s and Cardiff – along with the JISC Programme Manager and representatives from JISC TechWatch, the e-Framework, and the Open Group.

Excellent meeting, and very interesting to hear the synergies/differences between the projects aired. More of the former than the latter, which is probably a good thing. Common concerns were aired around

  • lack of time
  • the risk of retrofitting TOGAF – three months into the project before the training takes place
  • uncertainty about what the best tools would be for architecture modelling. It was a shame that Salford couldn’t make it as they are already using Telelogic & their advice might have been helpful. See later posting on this area

Also amongst other stuff a very useful run through on the Open Group/TOGAF/training by David Rose, clearly a wealth of information/expertise.

Also noted an emphasis on the importance of effective IT Governance structures/Senior Management buy-in, and concerns that one thing the pilot institutions may have in common is that they already have it, whereas others may struggle. How to get it if you haven’t got it? May be a useful outcome of the Programme.

And today, Friday 29th, is the deadline for submission of project plans to the JISC – just got ours off, hopefully OK, but left with a niggling feeling that things may have to be rejigged a bit when (if?) TOGAF becomes clearer


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