Enterprise Architecture: Your Route to Enterprise Agility?

Joined an interesting Telelogic/Computer Business Review webinar on the above theme today. Main part of the session was a presentation by Fadi Hindi, Head of Strategic IT Planning & Enterprise Architecture at Dubai Customs. Key points noted:

  • Their enterprise repository – the ‘Enterprise Connected View’ – holds everything from Corporate Vision through Balanced Scorecard KPIs to all architectures from business to technology
  • They use Telelogic System Architect as the mechanism for doing this – described as comprehensive & flexible. Provides ability to drill down from Vision to technology.
  • Sequencing of their approach: 1. EA Tool Implementation; 2. EA Implementation on key projects; 3. Enterprise-wide EA Programme. Emphasised view that approach best applied first to a ‘burning platform’ so that the business can see real benefits/you’re not trying to ‘boil the ocean’ (a view also expressed by the Oracle EA people I met with in January)
  • High level executive management commitment = key
  • System Architect capability key in EA/SOA alignment
  • EA Office now has ten staff, but does include business process modelling and IT strategic planning

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