Update 3rd September

Start of a new academic year, & time to review the project along with everything else…
Discussions are continuing about moving from the Oracle Student System to Oracle Campus Solutions, which will be a major change & whilst having a significant impact on EA will also provide an opportunity to take an EA approach which will be very helpful in facilitating the change. This work will involve more of an SOA approach as changes will be in the IS (Applications,Data) & Technology layers more than in the Business layer which we already have well-defined in the Student Administration area – & understanding the impact of introducing Campus for our IS/Technology architectures will be critical for success if we take that route, especially as there will be major implications for our Oracle EBS implementation, amongst others. In this context, the TOGAF ‘as is’ & ‘to be’ architecture approach should be very helpful. & ref Business Architecture, this is not to say that taking a ‘vanilla’ approach will not have some reverse effect on existing business processes.

Work is also continuing with documenting our EA within BiZZdesign at a high-level for student administration overall, & at a more detailed level in relation to enrolment, & this approach is proving helpful in working with the senior staff involved in gaining an understanding of how our business processes & information systems interrelate.


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