13th October – BiZZdesign Consultancy

Mark Peters from BiZZdesign in for the day to review where we’re up to with using Architect, sort out any immediate practical problems, & advise on future direction.

Mostly working with Sara Rioux who is our main Architect modeller, & felt that a lot of progress was made. Reconfirmed our approach – high-level overall model & then apply the EA approach to real business problems/needs – & also discussion came up with an excellent proposal for next area of focus to deliver business benefits:

As part of our review of Student Administration, we have been struggling to work out what staffing is needed in frontline student support offices when we envisage a lot of this work moving to self-service – but our current systems allow a much lesser degree of self-service than those we will be moving to in future. This is a genuine business problem where EA can help – so we will be modelling the ‘as is’ based on current systems & business processes, & the ‘to be’ based on enhanced self-service capability that will be available when we move to Oracle Campus Solutions. The resulting model should be very helpful in understanding how the balance of work will shift from administrative staff to the customer over the next two years.

Additional point: Griffiths Waite are coming for initial EA discussions in early November.


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