21st October – Open Group Conference Munich: Day Two (my Day One)

(Note: unfortunately wifi was generally dodgy, kept dropping in & out, so most of this update done after the event rather than during, although I will try & maintain the illusion it will err on the side of brevity)

ABB – Adapting TOGAF for a Global Enterprise

Some good definitions – EA as a framework for communications = good start. An EA framework presents a common, shared vocabulary for communicating architecture concepts.

Framework requirements: must simplify complexity; introduce structure; enable communication; manage change; promote agility.

Approach that clearly adapts the chosen EA Framework eg TOGAF. Own version of crop circle (bit like we’ve done!) Iterative/backwards & forwards through ADM. Took out Governance as already had this covered. As at LJMU – we’ve taken out Vision, Strategy, Governance (in our own strategic planning/Governance framework/Excellence Model/BSC etc) & Implementation (in Development Programme).

Resources: 30 architects in global organisation…yeah, right. Mind you, company has 115,000 employees – as 30 = 0.0026 & corresponds to c.0.75FTE in LJMU, which is about right as well! (mind you, my maths is probably wrong…)

Cap Gemini – A Compelling Case For Open Business Analysis

Starts with slide of Tower of Babel by Breughel. Business focus/analysis coming more to the forefront. BCS def of Business Analyst – see Wikipedia – “An internal consultancy role that has the responsibility for investigating business systems, identifying options for improving business systems and bridging the needs of the business with the use of IT.”

Competencies of a Business Analyst: Information Analysis; Business Process Management; Subject Knowledge. Not just a requirements gatherer. Similar to LJMU definitions as: Business Change Assistant/Analyst/Coordinator – making sure change is in there, if nothing’s going to change then why have the role at all?

Len Fehskens, The Open Group: Re-Thinking About Architecture

Good definitions; key concept: alignment. Architecture = “Those properties of a thing & it’s environment that are necessary & sufficient for it to be fit for purpose for its mission”. Focus on “stuff that matters”. Architecture, alignment, essentials – ensures alignment of essential things. Like figuring out where the sculpture is in a block of marble?


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