23rd October – Architecture Forum

Attended not expecting much out of this & was proved wrong.

Included brief presentation from David Rose on the JISC programme, with input from me & Bill Olivier, which was welcomed & catalysed some useful discussion. Various points picked up:

With release of TOGAF9 imminent (immanent?) focus seems to be shifting helpfully from (internal) working on the model to (external) promoting/supporting/using.

New ‘Adoption’ work group, ‘Sales Manual’, focus on change management. New Strategy: to make TOGAF “the management tool of choice for developing and executing business strategy” – some problems with this: where does it leave other tools/approaches/methodologies such as the Excellence Model, Balanced Scorecard, MSP etc. Highly unlikely that there is ‘a’ management tool of choice – better to be one of a range of available tools. Does everything need to be in TOGAF? Also questioned continuing apparently technical focus – talking about IT Governance, not just Governance – but asured that in future more focus on business transformation. Ref issues of industry alignment/vertical v.horizontal, Business Architecture Working Group (Judith Jones) may be doing some relevant work in this area.

So overall, more use than I at first suspected.


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