Update 3rd December

As of 1st December we’ve just concluded our 4 days consulting engagement with Griffiths Waite, which has proved v.helpful.

Essentially they have reviewed work to date & have commented on both our EA maturity level & suggested next steps/areas for further development, focussing in particular (as requested) on how to establish the Architecture practise/Design Authority. Following their last visit, they are completing 3 reports, which will be made avilable on the LJMU website & on BaseCamp once finalised. These are arriving a bit too late to fully reference in the Case Study, but will be pulling out key findings in the conclusions & summarising here.

Also had interesting commentary on EA’s fit with other business change approaches such as MSP, & in particular the importance/relevance of the recently released P3O (http://www.p3o-officialsite.com/home/Home.asp) & its relevance to EA – we have a particular interest in structuring the coexistence/integration of EA work with MSP/BSC/Excellence Model etc & the combined P3O/EA looks good.


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