New Year, New Blog

Changed the title of this blog now it’s moved on from being specific to the JISC EA pilot & more my general thoughts on work/IT/EA/HE matters generally.

One thing that occurred to me whilst on the train back from a JISC meeting yesterday – probably just me being a bit slow & this is also yesterday’s news – is that in the EA space (as probably in many others) suppliers/consultants/systems integrators etc can be part of the problem.

I was (sadly) reading an Oracle paper on SOA Reference Architecture Governance at the time – & should emphasise that this is not directed specifically at Oracle. What struck me, however, is that every Tom, Dick and Harry you come across has their own EA Governance/Maturity/Reference model, their own tools, their own approaches – and they’re all remarkably similar & strike me as increasing the noise, not the signal. You can waste a remarkable amount of time reading this stuff, before you spot the similarities disguised by the subtle differences in terminology.

Can’t blame people for trying to sell stuff! – but this does boost the utility of approaches like TOGAF & modelling languages like Archimate, which are vendor-independent – although there’s still plenty of people will sell you the consultancy to get to grips with them. It’s all about increasing the signal, & cutting through the noise.


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