Update April 2009

Been a while since I’ve gathered my thoughts, but having a week of (mostly) EA, so here goes.

Very useful EA Practitioners Group meeting on Monday, with JISC/Open Group/SURF/UK & Dutch Universities.

Even more so coming to the view now that it’s a mistake to see EA as a/the next big thing – it’s just another item in the bag of tools & needs to be embedded as ‘the way we do things round here’. One of the Dutch Universities was saying that you shouldn’t have an EA Project – it’s an approach you embed in all projects – & I couldn’t agree more. Making too much of it may guarantee it’s made too little of.

Motifs: Governance is an activity, not a committee structure; EA is an activity not an artefact.

Also struck by something that came up in discussion = data quality concerns as a driver for EA work ie to drive data quality you need to understand which systems the data is driven through, & try & implement standards/manage the route.

Plus the cost reduction/efficiency gains agenda is clearly coming to the fore – EA as a means to get more out of what you’ve got rather than as a driver for buying more. Conflicts slightly with supplier message as inevitably any “new” approach has to involve buying more stuff somewhere along the line.

& now en route to an Oracle SOA/BPM Executive Round Table at the IoD, followed by a JISC EA synthesis study meeting tomorrow – which should generate some thoughts.


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