CAEAP Summit

Just wading my way through the presentations from the above – – & some quite interesting stuff. Worth a look, although I should point out that an annoying aspect is that you can’t hear the comments from the audience. Anyway, these are just my vague recollections/comments on the bits & pieces of it that struck a chord with me.

  • Beryl Bellman/FEAF – Programme Management in the Context of EA. Actually more about EA & cultural change, contends that culture can be modelled in EA. (Mis)quote – you build architecture for things, because you want to do something, not of things, just to have a model
  •  John Zachman – Lifetime Achievement Award. Another (mis)quote from introduction: the strategic importance of architecture is so that everything we do can be seen within the context of the whole. Nothing to do with building & running systems. Separate the independent variables. There won’t be an organisation in the information age that’s viable if it doesn’t incorporate the concepts of EA.
  • Kathie Sowell – Custom Enterprise Solutions. What Is A Professional Enterprise Architect, or how can we help people understand what we do? Two divergent roads in getting EA understood & incorporated into the organisation – direct; by stealth. Direct: nobody understands us, need to explain, be recognised profession, integral part of business. Need to speak English! (Aside – apparently musicians make good EAs, apparently). Stealth – when organisation is not ready for open acceptance of EA as a concept, can be more important for the effect to be known than for EA to be appreciated.
  • Nancy Wolff – EA & Social Networking. Social networking = a critical component of what EAs do. EAs have a wide social network – my comment: given Zachman above on the value of EA in placing everything within the context of the whole, taking this holistic view has to involve a lot of interaction with others. The social network is the functioning Enterprise – so mustn’t ignore it.Should use tools to get EA out into organisation. Brief but well worth a look.

Other presentations that I haven’t had time to look at may also be worth a go!

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