Change Academy Day 4 – Back to the ranch…

Final day –  to consolidate/document/evaluate/be clear what we’re doing when we get back to LJMU.

Introductory session from others who have been through the process. Ripple theory – just keep on throwing stones & the ripples keep on getting bigger. Key thoughts for us plus my usual ramblings:

  • need to be clear on how we’re going to maintain the team when we get back. Must use Sharepoint. Also, monthly lunchtime meeting.
  • interesting reflection on the fact that nothing is new. When you look at all the different Academy projects, where they’re looking at the same kind of area, the vision is of the same kind of thing eg student zones/one-stop shops/being student-centred; world of work/WBL/workplace skills; enhanced assessment & feedback; etc. Ref previous post on strategic planning in a changing world, when it comes down to it, every HEI has the same vision at a high level, & so they should. The trick must be in the way you do it; the value is in the journey, the destination will change.
  • Need to have vision, but values are just as if not more important as they determine how you do it

As a final note, I have to say that I’m both pleased & surprised with how far we’ve come this week. Despite having taken the major role in writing the original bid, I naturally approached the event with a high level of cynicism, but would now say that the Change Academy approach works, & works well, & that we have made progress in developing an approach to change & communications that we would not have made otherwise. So – result!


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