Programme Management – Software Solutions

Just a quick one but someone may find it useful!

A couple of years ago, we did some work with a company looking at how we might use MS Sharepoint, or something built around it, to do Programme Management – rolling up all the projects at the high level, having everything joined up, maintaining all documentation in one place etc. We didn’t go ahead for two main reasons a) it just looked like too big an overhead maintaining it all and b) it didn’t integrate with MS Project, which we were already using for project planning, and without this facility it seemed pretty pointless. I don’t know enough about Sharepoint or Project to understand how you might integrate, but it certainly looked pretty complex at the time, in a context where we after something reasonably lightweight/easy to use which would make managing our programmes easier.

So more recently we’ve gone ahead with what I imagine is the fairly common and prosaic approach of using Sharepoint to manage shared documents/meetings/workspaces for project/programme management, but without anything that helps manage the process of project/programme management – and this is slowly having a reasonable degree of success, and is helping with PM without adding too much overhead.

Final point is that we have recently been having discussions with a company called CQC Solutions who do seem to have a software-based approach that could be more helpful in the PM area. We’ve done a webinar with them and it looked pretty good, particularly their PMO Out of the Box. Early days and we’re still thinking about it, but there may be some mileage in it.


One response to “Programme Management – Software Solutions

  1. John,

    Thanks very much for sharing the experiences. In the course yesterday, the instructor used a product called Project Publisher (a third party add-on $150 CAD per license) to integrate MS Project with MOSS 2007.

    We are in the very early stages of investigation of how to use SP for many things – PMO is just one of them.

    I am sure I will write a post on this soon … Cheers! Leo

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