UCISA Enterprise & Service Oriented Architectures Seminar Part 3

Dreams & Realities: City University’s registration project; Christopher Roper (IBM) & John Gallagher (CTU)

Very much a technical/SOA-based presentation. SITS/SAP/WebCT; IBM middleware; BPMN.  Online registration: interesting comment, doesn’t like the name because the student online bit is only about 10% of the process, the rest of what leads to a fully registered student is in other services. Relevant as perspective on LJMU online registration. Very detailed on the technical models of service delivery – not really my thing. Architecture built around systems rather than business processes. Too focused on IBM, SAP & in particular Tribal – I haven’t the faintest idea what half the acronyms mean. Neither has Google. Lessons learnt good but lost in the detail/too late.

Enterprise Architecture & the Flexible Service Delivery Programme: David Rose (Open Group) & Andy Jordan (Duke & Jordan).

There is no one right way to do EA/SOA. Get with the programme!


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