Coherency Management/Business Process Management: A Rigorous Approach

Just started on another book in my relentless & doomed search for the truth – ‘Coherency Management – Architecting the Enterprise for Alignment, Agility & Assurance’  by Doucet, Gotze, Saha & Bernard (AuthorHouse 2009). Possibly a good way to pass the time on the train, if you didn’t have to carry it to the train & were accustomed to travelling with a house brick.

Essentially it’s another new approach to EA labelled as Coherency Management, & consists of an introduction by the authors covering the overall approach, followed by a series of related/relevant articles & ending with a roundup/epilogue. So far I’ve read the forewords – by John Zachman, very neat, & John Herhalt, KPMG – the prologue by the authors/editors, & Chapter 1 – Introduction to Coherency Management. The overall message so far seems to be that EA is not really new but was always there, albeit implicit, that EA is very important, & that it’s not just about IT, or just about getting IT aligned with the business, but is about getting the business aligned with itself, as it were, & about overall business capability, not just some technical stuff – so doesn’t seem like anything particularly new so far, but unfortunately it’s hard to tell.

Because (& you should never start a sentence with because) Chapter 1 is marred by an overall poor use of english that detracts/distracts from the message & makes it hard to read/concentrate. There are problems with grammar, incorrect use of words, & spelling. Couple of examples (& there are plenty to choose from!): ‘A major tenant (sic) of this book is that we recognise that EA is NOT really new’; ‘If EA is done only when something else tells that the enterprise needs to change then EA will never tell when the enterprise needs to change’ . I don’t think I’m being pedantic here & it’s very annoying because I’m sure there’s a useful message in there, but it’s hard work working out what it is. I’ve said previously that I think it’s very important that EA is communicated in standard english – this wasn’t quite what I meant! Hopefully it’s just lack of proofreading & it gets better, otherwise I’ll have difficulty with the rest of the book.

Another book – ordered but not yet with me – is Business Process Management: A Rigorous Approach by Martyn A Ould (BCS 2005). Given the recommendation by Ian Thomas at the UCISA EA/SOA seminar last week (see earlier post) should be good – just got to get through Coherency Management first!


One response to “Coherency Management/Business Process Management: A Rigorous Approach

  1. Hi!
    Well I agree with your criticism of the lack of proper English in the first part of the book and you are right that it blurred the over all message of the book.

    I have heard from John Goetze that the authors are working on a reviewed edition of the book. I assume that the worst grammatical problems will be solved in the 2nd edition.

    Best wishes,

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