Coherency Management (Part 2)

Just passing the time on train to a JISC Flexible Service Delivery meeting in London tomorrow, so I thought I’d have another go at ‘Coherency Management’ by Duncan, Gotze, Saha and Bernard (Authorhouse 2009).

Having finished Chapter 1, I was hopeful that better standards of written english in subsequent chapters might make it more readable. Sadly, so far (a mere four pages in) Chapter 2 (The Four Design Models of EA: Saha) is not showing any improvement. I quote one of many possible examples from a section on what characterises the current state of EA programs: ‘EA and their recommended artifacts and models often tend to become the end leading to legislations and compliance requirements‘. Well, you tell me. I could go on but there are too many errors to make it worth bothering. I really don’t know how much further I’ll get – skipping chapters makes you afraid you might have missed something, but the standard of english – is this really down to bad proofreading? – makes you feel as though you’re missing something anyway, along with feeling like screaming, tearing hair out, etc. I’m sure it’s not just me – might have a last go, but it doesn’t feel like a good use of my time as I can’t quite work out what it all means.


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