Well, here in Dallas for the third day & the jet lag’s receding, so time to get down to some work in the Mile High City.

Won’t be much to report on EDUCAUSE2009 today – just off to to register in the fantastic looking Denver Conference Centre, see what variety of documents there are to stuff the inevitable bag with, see what the inevitable bag is like, & review the sessions that I’m thinking of attending.

Then kicks off tomorrow with ‘The CIO Challenge’, set of scenario planning exercises for existing/aspiring CIOs, sounds a bit like hard work with an 08:30 kickoff, but should be good. After that I’m mostly trying to focus on three areas: CIO/organisational structure stuff; Enterprise Architecture (as always!) – looks like good session with Jim Phelps/ITANA Thursday lunchtime; & mobile apps, checking out what Blackboard (& others) are doing & reviewing in relation to campusM which we’re already looking at. The latter is getting very good reports from Chris Sexton/Sheffield where they’re just rolling it out.

Will also be the opportunity for getting updates on all kinds of stuff, & I’ve already got meetings with Wimba, Jenzabar & D2L.

More later.



2 responses to “EDUCAUSE2009

  1. Sounds a bit serious John – how about the hospitality?

  2. Hasn’t kicked in yet Les – no suppliers around! – but there are some nice restaurants, & the Denver Art Museum is marvellous

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