Oracle Campus Solutions Senior User Group (SnUG) Meeting

Ensconced in a very warm meeting room at Glasgow University with colleagues from Manchester, Glasgow, Queen’s Belfast, Derby & Cambridge, discussing all issues Campus Solutions related.

My interest is largely in the Flexible Service Delivery (FSD) Programme/shared services aspects, given that the SnUG is an ‘explorer’ member of the Strategic Technologies Group. Encouraging that a number of elements are appearing in discussions that are relevant to FSD:

  • The need to develop a shared approach to Business Intelligence (BI) – whole range of approaches, none using Oracle’s delivered approach, & ripe for investigation. Existing FSD projects – De Montfort/TVU – are relevant
  • Interest in a timetabling/scheduling interface
  • Online coursework submission/interest in interoperability with LMS/VLEs
  • Suggestion – enough material for a mini-conference on shared service opportunities
  • Shared services as a lever with Oracle – SnUG members have issues with wanting to use certain approaches to service development eg SOA Suite, OBIEE, but licensing costs are prohibitive. Oracle have said that they are supportive of FSD – opportunity for them to have some skin in the game
  • ‘Development shop’ – shared resource using standard tools where a member could get requirements developed – interesting idea; possibly focused on Oracle APEX, although in my view would be better to focus on a more generic development framework
  • Peer review process – visit other SnUG member as critical friend – but are sites at the right level of maturity yet?

&  a range of other areas too Campus Solutions specific to fit the FSD agenda.

Outcome: mini-conference proposal will be taken forward to investigate opportunities/possibilities further.


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