Making Strategy Stick

Great blog by Amy Gallo on the Harvard Business Review – thanks @catuslee & @taotwit – one of my favourite windmills: “…most changes fail because we are working under flawed models. These models artificially separate strategy and implementation and assume that different people are responsible for each. Taking a different approach — one that doesn’t disconnect execution from strategy creation — helps prevent stalls before they happen, keeps your team focused, and could put your organization into that elite 5%”. (my bold/italics).

From work by Kotter & Martin; suggesting that change is about behaviours, need to engage with those affected, need to not sit in a darkened room filled with senior management. All seems like pretty obvious stuff, all seems like we’ve heard it all before, probably all said it ourselves as well – but I’m not sure that it’s stuck.

It’s pretty easy to design a strategy if you don’t have to implement it; it’s very difficult to implement a strategy if you’re not engaged in the design…


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