JISC FSD Workshop 9th September 2010

Further comments on the JISC FSD Workshop on 9th September 2010 – absent from previous blog – very interesting report from SHM Consulting about North Herts College & the outsourcing/sharing of their finance function. One of the findings was that the College could make significant savings by reorganising their finance function internally, without any sharing/outsourcing – & the conclusion drawn from this was that optimisation of the internal process is an essential precursor of such sharing/outsourcing, otherwise important efficiency gains might be missed.

Kind of parallels the argument for doing EA before shared services/outsourcing (which would of course include the process work) – if you don’t know what services you’re currently running, & what systems support them, & at the right level of granularity, chances of making a right pig’s ear out of sharing/outsourcing will be optimised.

So it’s a good point – although I don’t think it would apply in every case, as there may be opportunities for sharing/outsourcing in relation to less mature/new services where there wouldn’t be an existing process to be optimised in the first place.

Certainly emphasises the need for a focus on EA & within it process modelling, however…


One response to “JISC FSD Workshop 9th September 2010

  1. I’m not sure how relevant it is, but I remember being criticised for the eLib “hybrid library” approach of the late 1990s, by someone in the US Digital Libraries initiative (DLi). He said he taught his students the mnemonic ASQ-not! This is supposed to stand for Do Not Automate the Status Quo. Ie the first question is always about what’s really going on here, whether it should be done, rather than simply finding ways of doing what’s always been done better.

    I was never totally convinced. Revolutionary change is great if you can get away with it, but incremental change always seemed attractive to me. But I guess the real point might be to assess both approaches!

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