JISC-CETIS Conference 2010


Fantastic setting in Nottingham – beautiful sunny day helps – lakes, ducks, futuristic looking buildings. & a conference opened by an avatar. Hmmm.

Great idea for breakouts – give presenters 2 minute pitch to sell their sessions – idea for UCISA, CISG or Management conferences.

Usual disconnected & truncated commentary.

Anya Kamenetz. DIY U – the Transformation of HE. Comparing HE to a string quartet; you can’t cut anything out; you can’t go faster; what can you do? Theme very similar to the great animation ‘Where Good Ideas Come From’ by Steven Johnson – all about connectivity. Seemed good at the time but bit of a rollercoaster to nowhere – but then, rollercoasters always go nowhere, it’s the ride that counts.

Discussion into – is University good for everyone? Is University about getting a job? Is the role of University to create useful members of society (by what definition?) with superior earning power?…

Subverting Corporate Systems. Sharepoint? De facto standard? Got it, why not use it…the elephant in the room.

Hugh Davis/Southampton using Sharepoint as general collaboration tool. Transferring building funds to collaborative/innovative ways of working. Single collaborative space for staff – service aggregation mechanism. Really a kind of EA presentation, without calling it that. Looking at Live@Edu. Looking at organizing a Rich Learning Environment for staff in Sharepoint. Agile development – new & as opposed to massively bureaucratic PRINCE2 approach, although conceded that PRINCE2 doesn’t have to be like that. Prototypes to see if everything can be run through Sharepoint. Plymouth – implemented most ‘used’ functions of a VLE on Sharepoint. Southampton – do we need a VLE? Looking at Sharepoint, not other VLEs – if need a VLE, will stick with Bb. Have got rid of all the committees & replaced with advisory groups that advise PVCs who make the decisions – sounds very familiar. 360deg view of student. None of this sounds at all subversive to me…

Jim Everett/Strathclyde. Lot of reviews to create standard processes, single sources of truth, efficiency & effectiveness etc…current review on course & class approval & review process. Process modelling approach – BPMN, plenty of boxes & arrows. & another EA presentation – but talking about systems, not services; Sharepoint as presentation layer. The problem lies with compliance, not with systems – useful, usable, & used. Putting information in on time, complete, and compliant with requirements; getting access as/when needed. Interesting reference to the difficulty experienced in even talking about this stuff – the importance of conversation again, who you can talk to, & about what. Difficulty getting people to see the big picture – I’m getting this awful sense of deja vu.

If common sense is subversive, then this is subversion – so maybe in an HE context, it often is.

Sam Rowley/Staffordshire. Usual stuff – frankly, EA, not Sharepoint, is the elephant in the room. But then it’s out! & roaming free; not just EA, but also Programme Management. Just need to chuck Governance in & we’ll have the set…although a bit of ITIL & service design wouldn’t go amiss.

Mark Stubbs/MMU. The reason for getting a VLE is to clean up the SRS – as good a reason as any? Simplifying curriculum; standardizing processes. Everything rewritten by September 2011. Employability built into the curriculum – must identify graduate outcomes. Must find another way of saying deja vu. Not about Sharepoint – about getting the point of sharing: spot on! Build buy in, prototype, EA, prove value – get sense that we may all be separately reinventing the wheel, needs pulling together, maybe this event is where it happens. Sharepoint: driving service feeds.

It’s not the strategy, it’s the delivery that counts.


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