UCISA Management Conference 2011 – Day 2 Part One

First up – Derek Watson, Quaestor & Factor (FD), University of St Andrews – Knowing Your Numbers. Like the reference to the world ending in 2012 according to the Mayans – which is of course a myth, but then, what isn’t. That HE is a single homogeneous sector – there’s another myth for a start. Overriding message: look at your real costs. Very good presentation – especially the very welcome simplicity of the slides. Systems are great, especially the shiny ones – but it’s people’s behaviour that has to move on – yes!

Next: Clive Wilson, Director of Estates, University of Bradford – Numbers that drive a sustainable estate…interesting that says a lot of people don’t know about asbestos, having had to vacate half a building for over half a year because of it. Also interesting split in room – about 50/50 – between people who think climate change can mostly be attributed to carbon use, and those who don’t. More IT, less buildings, the location-free University – not exactly man bites dog, but maybe it’s really going to happen this time around…

Finally – what have we only got one of? The Planet…hmm, are you absolutely sure about that?


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