UCISA Management Conference 2011 – Day 3

John Mahoney/Gartner – Leading Effective Transformation. The overlapping circles slide – nice to see that old chestnut again. Technology, processes and people – often look at any two, but not all three. Anthropologists understand how people work together to get stuff done – we need digital anthropologists. Is this the new job title for Business Analysts?

Can’t help but imagine that Gartner must have a department just for producing fancy diagrams.

Stakeholder segmentation chart – so that’s what they’re called! Here the segments are early adopters, reluctant majority & resistant laggards. We have ‘Obstruct/Let/Help/Drive’ – which includes more of the approach of positioning people where they are now, working out where you need them to be, & then taking steps to get them there. Good point on not leaving these things lying around – they can be very incendiary devices.

& then the Homer Simpson fugu fish moment – Kubler-Ross – ‘One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish’, another global traveller anecdote, & we’re done.

Chris Bishop/Microsoft Research. Embracing Uncertainty – The New Machine Intelligence. The data revolution: stand-alone to cloud plus client; applications to services; isolated data to fusion; hand-crafted to automated. Information is the degree of surprise ie new data that doesn’t conform to expectations creates new knowledge; data that conforms confirms rather than creates. At least I think that’s what he meant! research.microsoft.com/infernet

Anthony Salcito/Microsoft. Embracing Uncertainty – developments from around the world. Student expectations. Employability. More with less needs different more. Instead of continuing to squeeze the lemon, figure out where the grapefruit is! Innovative teaching & learning, online assets, digital content. Priorities: unified communication, digital content, education analytics, virtualisation, cloud, social, mobility, identity integration. Move from basic, to standardised, to rationalised, to dynamic. Agility & service. Dog bites man again. Montage – interesting looking tool for aggregating data sources.

Paul Golding/Wireless Wanders. Current & future trends in mobile. “Future” guy – so what is he currently? Mobile is “everyware” – he’s an “intrapreneur” – so many nice new words. Slides. Won’t be long before can rely on all students having a smartphone. iOS or Android. Great slides, & different. Moving from info snacking to feasting on mobile devices – that sounds a bit strange, eat your iPad! Which is also a paradigm shift, escaping the PC. From utility to experience – from something you use to get a job done, to something you engage with because you want to. Blurring of boundaries between the real world and the virtual world – always have a problem with that, surely the virtual world must be real? The internet of things – by 2020 everything that can benefit from being connected will be connected. But who defines “benefit”? Everyware – defined as individual connected to a range of right-time streams. The new world is open!

& having said that, time to head back into the real old world, where I will be going mobile, by rail.


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