#EUNIS2011 – 16th June – Corporate IT

Build Once, Use Many – Federico Gallerani, Cineca. Many drivers for new services, increasing expectations, reduced funding – the normal condition. Also need for portals as ‘single personalised point of access to relevant information, processes and people’. But…portal has moved from IT integration to service mashup. Need to take existing services and make new services. Use it or lose it. Actually have the building blocks – needs an architect to put it together. Data + apps + integration + portal = new service. Composite services based on existing assets. This is really well articulated stuff! Description of range of services developed through this approach. Web services based integration layer – good architecture, IDM, local apps & services, local DB & legacy services, on-line services. All services – NOT systems – with the portal laid on top. So: share the vision of the portal as a service access point – NOT a website, a service container; move to OS integration (used Oracle SOA but need cheaper option); integrate with online services; imagine new services. Excellent, thank you Federico! 

IT Governance & Security – Ricardo Borillo/Universitat Jaume 1. Systems plan – to ensure alignment with strategic objectives, ease decision making, define methods & tools, with goal of automating processes. Is this about overall strategic management system & scoreboard or IT or am I missing something here? Using ISO & EFQM – woah, hold your horses! Applying the Excellence Model to IT services perhaps? Define University processes & then define technology framework. To order, direct & align product development & technology services; satisfy business process needs; align with strategic objectives. Got it – IT Governance. So then: reference models, best practise. Starting with ISO27001 for availability, privacy & integrity; IT: no data replication; powered by internal development (?); cloud services; agile methods. But is there a tension between internal development & cloud services? Information Security Management System as set of procedures, regulations & policies. Key words: acquisition; performance; responsibility; strategic. People focus: developing systems designed by persons to be used by persons, says it all really. ISO 38500: good IT corporate governance must include human behaviour – reference IT Governance/Weill & Ross – promoting desirable behaviour in the use of IT, or something like that. Another good presentation – so it was worth getting up this morning.

Counting the Cost of IT Downtime – Peter Tinson/UCISA To produce formulae to calculate the business cost of IT downtime for given scenarios. Interesting result: main causes of systems loss = power failure, or systems/programming failure. Well, that rings a bell eg someone not fully testing a patch…breaking the student records system by applying to live not test…this is madness, never heard of such a thing …must surely be possible to stop history repeating itself, although history suggests not.

Definitely the best set of parallels on the programme – that I’ve attended anyway. 


One response to “#EUNIS2011 – 16th June – Corporate IT

  1. Federico Gallerani

    Dear John,
    thank you for your kind appreciation! Actually in real life everything’s seems much more complicated…
    I hope to have the opportunity to meet you one day.

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