#EUNIS2011 – 16th June – Morning Session One

Bloomsday! Will have to see if any appropriate Joycean quotes can be inserted into proceedings – quite a few stately plump people around here, so there’s a start.

ICT & the Boardroom – Gerry Quinn, CIO/COO Central Bank of Ireland. CIO = member of Senior Management Team – well, if not, isn’t a CIO. The concept of the Matryoshka CIO – multiple responsibilities. Situational management then I guess. Thinker, dealer, salesman, healer, policeman, foreman, moneyman, chief. Consumer IT v. Corporate IT. Simplicity v. Complexity. Digital natives v. Digital immigrants (if you believe the theory that there really are any such things…) Message reduced to minimum = be useful out there. Impetus not impediment – missing from the positives, like the idea of a Chief Impetus Officer. If you can’t explain the value you will never justify the cost – bearing in mind, although it’s getting better, that ‘they’ may not want you to.

Business drivers must be connected to IT drivers – or surely business drivers must drive IT. Vision for IT – don’t personally see the need to have one separate to the vision for the business, but maybe that’s just me. Good point ref using the right language! 2×2 chart of importance v. maturity – primary focus/secondary focus/tertiary focus/tolerable stragglers – could be good way of articulating outcomes from the JISC Strategic ICT Toolkit.

Architecture is necessary, ‘gold-plating’ isn’t – need to get the results out there, but linked back to EA. ICT is part of the business – thank god for that! Have to act it – so need to stop doing presentations/talking about aligning ICT with the business. Change the language, change the world. Takes us back to the ICT Vision/Strategy – only the business has a Vision/Strategy, which must include how ICT can play its part.


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