EDUCAUSE 2011 Day 1 Session 1

The start of the usual rambling random discourse from (now) rainy Philadelphia.

Opening Wednesday 19th with Diana Oblinger. Early start on thank you time – introduction to every member of the Program Committee – all fine people I’m sure! Then recognition; then exemplary leadership; & the rest. Still, probably closest thing to the Oscars I’ll get to go to…

Seth Godin – Invisible or Remarkable. Used to have a company called Yoyodyne – bit Pynchon then eh, expect a bit of post-modernism & stuff.

Infected by marketing; capitalism infected by the concept of more. The definition of mass is average – is it really? does it have to be? – so mass marketing markets to the average. Branding ourselves to death. Revolutions destroy the perfect & enable the impossible – good soundbites. Cheap connection is the revolution of our time – only connect eh, so E M Forster was right. Idea that have to just do things a bit faster & a bit cheaper – definition of management. Public education designed to provide cogs for machine, a compliant labour force – so who didn’t know that? Back to 1968 then. The revolution of everyday life; capitalism created the job, of course. But – under the pavement, the beach.

So, so far – all very 1968 critique of capitalism. Change: now everybody owns the means of production through owning the means of connection (not quite everybody…) But what about the media? The media used to exist in the world, now it comprises the world – approximation of William Gibson.

Connectedness enables the weird to become normal. No need to pay someone just for info, can look it up – need to teach people how to solve problems that haven’t been solved before, or may not even exist yet. Yeah, of course – part of building the capacity for change.

Check Blackberry to check everything is OK – checking that everything is staying the same. But also, what about new phenomenon of reporting on the world rather than living in the world? (like I’m doing now). Like Philadelphia Museum of Art – full of people taking pictures of pictures. In case of fire, exit building before tweeting about it.

& sorry, but doing something creative/innovative/useful, might be great, like guy doing no-kill dog & cat shelters (which is fantastic) – but it’s not art.

We need you to lead us – don’t follow leaders, watch the parking meters. The end.


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