EDUCAUSE 2011 Day 1 Session 2 & 3

The Road Ahead – What the IT Leaders of the Future Need to Know: Thornton May

Starts off by saying audience consists of most important but lowest paid people on the planet – unlikely…

Says he’s a Futurist – bit full of himself – maybe I’ve misinterpreted & he’s actually a stand-up comedian. Non-Ptolemaic futurist which means ‘not all about me’ – well, me, could have fooled. Key skill for IT leaders (there you go, leaders again) – pattern recognition. Hello again William Gibson.

What technologies are you planning to remove from the portfolio in the 3 to 5 year planning horizon? Wrong question – services, not technologies; & will only know which services to remove by asking the customers. Also, 3 to 5 year planning horizon is impossible, particularly with technology.

I was right, he is a stand-up. Idea of the CEO whisperer – amusing.

Core & context – ref ‘keeping the lights on’, only need to be good enough. Good point, but not new point.

Clients Get IT! So Must We – Marilyn McMillan/NYU

NYU global strategy:

  • connect the community through a hybrid network;
  • connect the community to its content – teaching & learning, research, University life, administration;
  • connect the community to ‘sun never sets’ services.

Big feature: IT Service Management. Following the ITIL process – also applying to functional services.

Beloit College Mindset List: worth a look.

Computers ‘keep us busy. It’s as if we have become their killer app’ (Sherry Turkle).

Not surprisingly, propensity to engagement with 24 hour online services is dependent on motivation. For IT professionals, tasks that require the right level of skills/experience at the right level of complexity are motivational – again, hardly surprising.

Usual list of things they’re doing: PP3; Governance; Communication; Performance; Service Management; Service Design; Integration; Security.

& then – back to Leadership again. How do we lead? (by following). Mustn’t forget that leadership has got us where we are – is it necessarily the way to get us somewhere else? Not saying it isn’t but worth considering…

But OK, so leadership bullets:

  • Results with others, for others
  • Alignment of purpose & vision
  • Interdependence
  • Sway & be swayable
  • Enthusiasm

One response to “EDUCAUSE 2011 Day 1 Session 2 & 3

  1. Sway and be swayable? Did Steve Jobs say that?

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