Session 1: The Student Mobile Experience/Nikki Rogers (Enterprise Architect!!!), University of Bristol

EA approach to mobile architecture – excellent. Mobile web or mobile app? Mobile campus assistant project. Design for the small screen should influence design generally – like how designing learning materials for the mobile device should influence etc etc etc. Demo: first function, PC availability! So is everybody doing the same? Bus times. m.bristol.ac.uk. Good but samo – not really transformational (but what is?) Tactical approach – now need to be strategic. Point solutions vs. business platform. Build for now or build for next. What do students like/hate? Lack of boredom! Ref. Angry Birds: brilliantly designed to fill the moments when you might be doing nothing – waiting for a train, the dentist, a meeting, Godot. ‘Remember the future’ concepts: email top? Counterintuitive experience: students want institutional email to be inside the institution’s mobile app, despite having a great email client on the device – compartmentalisation, which is one helluva word. Mobile strategy: focus on data reuse. Focus on the student experience: again, aren’t we all? Might be a bit of duplication going on here. Ref ITANA. Using EA to reveal complexity. Archimate model of student experience linked to Information Strategy. Use EA approach to model the IT Strategy? Yes… Great to see practical application of EA in a tangible project environment.


2 responses to “UCISA #CISG Day Two

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  2. Thank you, John. I agree about it being surprising that the students want to see a link to their email as a top menu item on the MyMobileBristol homepage, rather than use their device’s native email client. I have been told by our portal team that engagement with student users frequently reveals that they don’t want to have to configure email clients themselves, nor set up to use ical feeds for example. They just want functionality “there”, at a button click. The student portal team intend to carry out some new user engagement in the coming months to really get to the bottom of this – as it does feel counter-intuitive – or is this just a generational thing?! Or a techy v non-techy thing I wonder?


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