Janet Cloud Conference #JanetCC

 One day conference run by janet brokerage at cctvenues in Smithfield London.

Paula Vickers/Middlesex University. Leading a Successful Move to the Cloud.

Interesting aside – all staff do hot-desking, including management. Hosted IBM data centre. Also offsite DR. 90% virtualised.  Oracle production DBs not virtualised. Using Virgin to connect to DC & DR. Complex service contract.


  • Uncertain Estates strategy, poor/shifting accommodation/low priority – good point, resonates!
  • Don’t want staff patching & upgrading – but working on core business, focus on delivering benefits to staff & students informed by business knowledge & IT skills/understanding=being more sector strategic
  • TCO – refer back to first point, poor accommodation=high costs
  • Global 24×7 aspiration
  • Value added from supplier – more spend with supplier, more potential

ITIL practice at the boundary of the service is key. Need to retain technical architect, service management, business analysis etc.

The Cloud is maturing & unstoppable! For users it’s the service, not the location or the provider that’s important. Internal focus moves to architecting solution, integration & service management.

Need to help the technical people let go & move on to other things…really need to do ITIL…be honest about institutional costs. 

Bill Sturman/Oxford Brookes – Making the Cloud Pay For Itself

Consumer costs – connection; data; device.

Organisational cost – Janet ‘club membership’. Collective provision of the cloud – hardware & software, people, content.

Business benefits – investment not cost. Driven by customer expectations. 

  1. Innovation. OBU want to be sector leading. Mobile, BYOD, self-service.
  2. Anytime/anyplace & green agenda
  3. Operational excellence – adopt best practice.
  4. Economic efficiency?
  5. My addition – inferred above – give keeping the lights on to someone else

Hosting: email, other google stuff. Moodle hosted by ULCC – definitely saves money. Web content management. Virtual desktops – trialling google chromebooks. Virtual data centre – under review. Mobile apps – PC availability. Running competition with students to design next apps. Doesn’t save money – as well as, alternative route into services.

Hidden – cost of reputational damage. 

In summary: can’t definitively say will save money, key drivers are business benefits & the value of innovation.


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