Janet Cloud Conference Part 3 #JanetCC

 Phil Richards/Loughborough University: The Business Case for Virtualisation

Couldn’t afford to refurbish new data centre – need 20 year ROI when IT needs only predictable for 5 years (5years? More like 2…) – went for local mini-pods. Resilient local cloud architecture – similar to what we run at LJMU. 

Also – hybrid cloud, with Logicalis, & Google Apps. 

So – estimates £460m pa on servers & storage – could we save 50% of this?

Useful to look at what suppliers have done themselves eg HP: reduced data centres from 85 to 6, applications from 6000 to 3000, saving $1Bn pa revenue; industrial scale = key. According to Berkeley University study, can get decreases in factors of 5 to 7. 

But…2 to 3 x more expensive than Loughborough local costs? Because offering PaaS & SaaS, not IaaS, & not using single resilient network. Currently focused on these more profitable areas.

Janet = national grid for the hybrid cloud? Should UK HE take the lead?

5th supplier – Logicalis – signed up since this morning, which is great. Key role for Brokerage in working with suppliers & driving the price down.

Chris Sexton/Sheffield: Security of Academic Data in the Cloud

Story of move to Google, staff & students.

Why? Poor student email service. Multiple staff email systems. Old servers. Unsupported calendar product. Mobile strategy. Added value. Pace of innovation. Carbon footprint. Service (filestore). Note ref LJMU: possibly more difficult when already running a quality email & calendaring service. Also in context where no Microsoft infrastructure.

Decision May 2009. Students 2009. Staff 2011. Configured different clients for staff email.

Open & transparent, but not making a big deal out of it – very good approach to change management! (Really now believe that a big problem with change management is doing change management ie starting assumption is that there will be resistance, so make a big deal of it & overreact in advance).

Major business change for staff from use of Oracle Calendar – engaged local departmental secretaries in making the change. 

Disruptive technology – so need to know what you’re trying to do with it.

Security. Mythology – cloud issues the same as local issues, but make more of a big deal out of it. Just for light relief (?): Google’s Director of Security Eran Feigenbaum is also a magician

Patriot Act: can access data of any company that has presence in the US. Sheffield decided risk ref google or Microsoft was sufficiently low as to be manageable. Issue isn’t where data is, but how processed – is it under Safe Harbor. Consulted Information Commissioner’s office to confirm.

Concern: Google can change things. Need to be aware of this, because they will.

Latest: moving to Google Docs, introducing Google+ & Google Talk. Will be instead of, not as well as, so should be savings.


Tim Marshall/Janet: In Conclusion

If it’s really going to add value, means radical change. Not a cloud but a hurricane. & a much more joined-up, focused JISC will help. 


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