#UCISA12 UCISA Management Conference 2012 Day 1 Part 1

14th March 2012. At the Celtic Manor Resort Hotel, somewhere near Newport. Wondering whether or not to tackle the assault course outside my window. Maybe not. & then there’s the lobby…abseil, perhaps?

Session1: Welcome, Peter Noyes/Vice Chancellor, University of Wales, Newport

Working with business to create the Entrepreneurial University, with the best VLE that money can buy – that’ll have to be a new one then…clearly recognises the strategic importance of ICT, which is a good start.

Session2: Providing sustainable public sector ICT services for Wales, Gwyn Thomas/CIO for Wales

From technology to information…

Lot of commonality between HE & the rest of the public sector, as indcated by the content of the exhibition – but need to identify where collaboration adds value. Strategy of critical mass, not consensus – not everyone needs to agree with everything. Cloud: the critical mass is nearly there.

Building the social architecture on which the technical architecture will rest – sounds good. Devolved/collective leadership – don’t know what goes on in a scrum, but can’t take any part of it away. CIO Council for Wales – strategy. Delivery – regional. Public sector design authority – interesting idea – experts responsible for standards & architecture. Wonder how much authority it really has? Once for Wales is the default option. Social architecture – getting people together to work in common. Technical architecture flows from social. Banned the word pilot – had more pilots than the RAF – now seen as first steps, if don’t work, stop.

Technical governance – national architecture. Programme governance – regionally delivered. Benefits – locally realised. Sounds about right.

Our Age of Anxiety is, in great part, the result of trying to do today’s job with yesterday’s tools – with yesterday’s concepts” – Marshall McLuhan.

Moving away from the institution to the person – person-based services.

Too many data centres – value of baselining, measuring – 24 with excess capacity, 19 with insufficient, must be better way of doing things.

Defining the approach for CEOs: 4 themes – buying better, using smarter, working together, working differently. & that’s the strategy. Discussion: ICT is just the enabler, what is it you want to enable?

Moving from lots of infrastructure & not many online services, to vice-versa. Balancing economies of scale with secure access. Base security on the nature of the services required, not vice-versa.

Everything is marching inexorably towards the cloud, on the cusp of a new kind of ICT department, little infrastructure, specialist apps, intelligent customer, technical governance & design, collaborative working, information not technology.

From systems to services! Well, whaddaya know!

To be valued, information must be: well designed & presented, trusted & authoritative, benchmarked against the best, rated by users, & worth something…







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