#UCISA12 UCISA Management Conference Day 2 Part 2

A day in the life of the UCISA Exec, Peter Tinson/UCISA

UCISA has 2 main strategic aims: identify & disseminate best practice; inform & support policy making processes. Sounds good to me 😃

Towards a new JISC, Tim Marshall/CEO, JANET

Because Martyn Harrow, JISC Secretary, was at an important meeting about the future of JISC…

Unprecedented times! Because usually, times are precedented…things are changing, plus ca change. The Russell Group are letting more people in – a sign of the end of days?

UCISA are key players/very important to JISC.

JANET: wholly owned subsidiary of new JISC holding company; retain universal network principle (look at the outcomes not the way you do it).

Shouldn’t be the funders setting the JANET SLA, should be the customers – challenge of managing the stakeholder relationships.

2 + 2 = 5: passionate about the power of synergy.

So: JISC separate legal entity by 1st August; owned by key community representative bodies(UUK; Guild HE; FE?) holding company with 2 subsidiaries incorporating current 4, covering Infrastructure & Content; review of all activities leading to new strategy within 6 months; funded by combination of grant aid & subs; deliver cost savings in line with Wilson Report.

So : high level strategy – May; business review June/July; new legal entity August. The train is leaving the station.





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