The Future is Uncertain…

Yes, isn’t it.

I have over the years become increasingly frustrated when listening to various people, pundits, practitioners, whatever, telling me that these days ‘the future is uncertain’ or ‘the future is more uncertain’ or ‘the future is even more uncertain’ – suggesting that at some point in the past, clairvoyance was a science rather than a myth, what with the future having been certain and all.

Obviously there are variations in the pace of change, but if this magical time of certainty had ever existed, our ancestors might perhaps not have expended so much energy on astrology, palmistry, the I Ching, tarot cards and reading entrails.

I also get frustrated listening to ‘people…’ etc. telling me that if we just wait until we’ve finished the latest organisational restructure, or have brought in that new manager, or waited for that pig to fly past the window, then we will achieve some mythical stability that will enable us to engage in some strategic or project or programme planning in a context where what we plan will come to pass. (Notwithstanding one of the main purposes of planning being so that you’re prepared for the plan to fail…)

Hence in my frustrated state, I was very pleased to read the attached post by Roger Martin on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network ‘Strategy and the Uncertainty Excuse’ – well worth a look!

It’s messy and it always will be! So – get over it, and get on with it. Happy New Year!






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