oMbiel & campusM ULCC Senate House 28th January #mobileVLE

Random kind of comments, some from presenters (hope I've understood!) some from me…mine in italics, probably…

1. Mark Stubbs – Enhancing the student experience: Moodle & campusM at MMU. Doing a big transformation. New curriculum – couldn't give the students what they wanted with level of complexity in curriculum. Mobile timetables & stuff just wouldn't work. & everything is connected to everything else – so hard to make incremental change.

Focus: improve satisfaction, retention & success. Great seamless, organised online experience, great learning spaces, great teaching.

So: online experience. Personalised timetable as number 1 student requirement – surprise surprise. Also top of mobile requirements. Wrapping the institution around the learner. SRS: Unit4 good integration on programme & module codes. Didn't like Moodle UI out of box so wrapped around that too. Also Live@edu, Syllabus+. Built 'megamashup' – student/course codes used to join everything together. Launched September 2011: key, included curriculum rationalisation.

Next step: surface in campusM. 20k+ registrations. Access to Moodle & timetable = 2 big things by far. All about services surfaced via megamashup – assignments, reading lists. Requires good partners with good APIs. Joined-up approach for making a step-change improvement in student experience. Consistent programme/module codes for tagging, enabling the megamashup to find all relevant stuff for a student = the core.

3. Richard Horton/oMbiel: Why have an Institutional Mobile Strategy? 79% of students own a smartphone. 92% check their smartphone during lunchbreaks. 93% use while commuting. 77% check before getting out of bed. Dixons sold 5 android tablets per second in run up to Christmas.

Mobile First/BYOD. Brand. Security. Dynamically configured institutional app configured by permission & role. Different configs for different stages: open days; welcome week; etc.

Start small & build – OK, but need to build quickly! If doesn't deliver compelling functionality from the start, will be hard to keep going. Needs an EA model.

Build or buy? Changing so quickly that need good internal resource to keep up which is unlikely…need a group/resource that does nothng else, like an external supplier.

3. Imperial Mobile – our journey. Very uncomfortable, very slow. Contract to live in 12 weeks. Fairly limited go-live requirements. Co-located web team of comms & IT. Went for big rather than soft launch – if don't get them quick, lost for a year. Aimed at new students – not much to bring them back, not sticky enough, needed reasons to return. So: real-time transport info; course evaluation survey developed with AEK. Future: VLE; targetted & personalised.

4. Moodle Integration. moodleM. Uses Moodle web services where available, have written some new ones with ULCC for mobile optimisation – will be Open Source.

5. Richard Havinga/ULCC: The campusM eILP (Individual Learning Plan). Looks good…mobile ePortfolio, might take off.

So, what are we learning here? Essentially & most significantly, for me, that you need an integrated University to present an integrated mobile experience. So ref MMU – to achieve success, the mobile strategy requires a load of other stuff to happen that wouldn't be in the mobile strategy around integrating the University at the data, process & people level, not just the systems.

This Saturday is Groundhog Day.


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