SAMO was a graffiti tag used by Jean-Michel Basquiat and Al Diaz in New York in the late ’70s, standing for same old…

Which brings me to the following sponsored  and for me rather frustrating article in the Guardian today: – headline ‘It’s time for CEOs to trust their tech teams’.

I’m not going to comment in detail, just going to quote some of the comments made by participants in the seminar that informed the article:

“We have found that the biggest challenges facing digital transformation are: business culture; ways of working; and ensuring that there is a connection between business and technology”

“there is no such thing as a technology project now they should all be business projects”

“Companies should be asking ‘I want a collaboration platform to do X’ not ‘I want to use Slack'”

“We need a transformation in how companies deal with data…loses count of the number of times people say they can’t work out which data matters because it’s too difficult”

All very laudable, couldn’t agree more – I’ve agreed frequently in the past, sometimes with myself, so why change now – but not exactly what you might expect in a newspaper. I suppose what I’m getting at is – we know what the problems and challenges are; would be nice to see a little more about solutions. Rant over.


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